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Welcome to The Boot Lounge where we provide a custom ski boot fitting service. We combine the latest advancements with over 34 years’ experience to provide you with a first-class custom ski boot fitting service.

The Boot Fitting Process

Ski boot fitting is by appointment and takes a minimum of 90 mins for analysis, footbeds (recommended), fitting and heat moulding.
Please ensure you’ve a pair of your ski socks when attending a fitting… Different thicknesses will affect the fit and feel of the boot.


  • Measuring your feet, so the length, width, instep and arch
  • Observing flexibility, stance and balance
  • Discussing skiing history, in particular any historic issues experienced whilst skiing, either previously owned or rented

Foot Beds / Innersoles / Orthotics (Foot orthoses)

Two feet are rarely the same length and likely dissimilar in other ways when considering other measurements around the foot.

In addition:

The foot changes shape throughout the day, depending on the person’s level of activity. Therefore, even when identical feet exist, they may only be exactly the same for a short period of time each day.

Ski boots have come along way to cater for a proportion of these differences (to a degree) but rarely take into account the soles of your feet.

Since skiing places great forces on your feet, fatigue and discomfort over time can be a real pain (pun intended), reducing the overall enjoyment of the sport and even shortening the day.

Custom (or to a lesser degree prefabricated) foot beds improve the contact with the ski boot, they also added indifferences in the foot where pressure may be apparent, or support needed. All this translates to improved control of the skis, and increased comfort.


The right fitting ski boots are vital for controlling your skis precisely through the feel and feedback felt. This response helps progress your ability.

Boot Customisation

the dark arts…

Shell Modification
Modern boots now come with heated shells and liner, but sometimes they need a little help!
 From wide feet, to spurs, to oversized ankle bones, we can modify your boot to make it as comfortable as possible.
 We have a unique specialist tool designed to reach into the toe box and stretch the boot without deforming the top shell.

Ski Boot Alignment
Under-canted boots are the norm and there is a night and day difference between skiing in correctly aligned boots and struggling with under-canting. Unless you check and correct your alignment you will never ski fluently. You may be completely unaware of the problem and only one in a million instructors or boot-fitters will recognise or correct the problem you have with your boots.

Rental Vs Ownership…

Rentals can mean less hassle. I stress, can… Yes they’re the least practical item(s) to carry from home to resort and can incur additional charges. This said, a quality pair of fitted ski boots can last for years, and typically less than the same cost to rent for the same period.

These are your ski boots, which mean only your feet have been in them! The fit and feel is as close to exact as they can be. Rentals are commonly regarded as bucket boots, where the fit is loose to accommodate many more feet than yours. Ever noticed how soggy boots are at the end of the day? That’s perspiration.

To have your own boots and / or skis can cost a bit more if you fly but less hassle when you reach your resort whatever time you arrive. There no queuing to collect your equipment, there’s no need to return to the shop if they still don’t feel right.

If you’ve any other points to raise or challenge, contact us here… I’m hopeful to feature a comments session for those who are in the know!




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Visiting our shop and boot fittings are by appointment only.